Friday, December 12, 2008

We're booked

Retrieval is all set for Sat. and they finally called with a time. We are set for 3:30pm and I got my instructions about not eating or drinking, what I can and can't wear, and how early to get there. They also gave me the trigger instructions which were for 4:45AM, wow!! DH got up and got everything ready while I prepared myself HAHA! When we were all set his first attempt didn't go through so he had to do it again, the second didn't go either, by this time he only had one more try left. Third times a charm and it finally went in. The actual needle and meds didn't hurt at all just the inital poke. It was sore afterwards and hurt to lay on that side but went away in no time. Today it's still a little sore and now I have three hole marks on my butt!!

Here is how it started out you can see the needle a little I didn't get one with the top off sorry! We drew back to the 2 mark with the water.

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Nurse Betty L. Boop said...

Definitly change out the needle after'll save you from having big holes. Sorry about those!!! I'm praying that you get some great little embies next week!