Monday, December 15, 2008

Retrieval day

The day started off good I woke in time to get some breakfast before the cut off when I couldn't have anything. Since we live a few hours away we left early to make sure we got there in enough time. Don't you know that didn't matter after sitting in almost three hours of traffic we were scared to death we were going to miss it. I called to let them know which they said was fine we were still on so that made us feel a little better. When we finally got there it wasn't long before we were called back. We went into a recovery room where I changed into a gown, hat, and booties to get ready. A little bit after that the nurse was there asking questions and going over everything while we waited for the the Anesthesiologist. We waited a while for him to come in and in the mean time DH was called to give his "goods" so he was gone for a while. When he came back the Anesthesiologist finally came in and got the IV going. This man was God everything about him was wonderful. I didn't feel a thing and unlike the lovely nurse that tore my arm up he knew what he was doing and it didn't even leave a mark.

After he got the IV going they let me rest for a while then it was time to go. The Anesthesiologist came and got me and DH went another way to wait. He took me into the OR where there were tons of nurses asking me tons of questions. Before I knew what was going on I asked the Anesthesiologist if he had done something and of course he did and told me to just lay back. That's all I remember nothing after that and nothing until I was back in the recovery room and DH was there. I woke up crying LOL not sure why DH said I was crying when he came in there and thought something had gone wrong. Guess that's just my bodies natural reaction since I cry at everything. So after laying there for a while with a heating pack on my stomach it was time to get up and walk. This was not easy and thankfully they didn't make me go far.

During that time the nurse came in and said they got 10 embies YAY!! We were very pleased and they assured us that was a good number. After I started coming to more I had to get up to get dressed so we could go. That's when the pain started it was the worst cramps I had EVER felt EVER. I made the nurse give me something before we left since it was such a long drive home. That kicked in in no time thank God!!

Knowing I wouldn't be able to sit still after that we decided to go to a friends X-Mas party. They were quite surprised to see us, they knew what was going on and have been so much of a support for us. We weren't there long before the meds were starting to ware off and we had to head out. DH then made me go home and rest the rest of the night. He was a good boy :).

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