Friday, December 5, 2008

Slight change

After yesterday's follow-up appt. there has been a slight change in the meds. The appt. was for blood work and an ultrasound, all routine. During the ultrasound the Tech. stated there was a little fluid in my lining, which they would need to watch. She didn't sound alarmed and said it could just simply go away, hopefully! Right now it looks like the meds are doing what they are supposed to there are approximately four follies on the right and five on the left. After reviewing my blood work my nurse decided it was time to cut out the Lupron all together for it was suppressing me to fast. She also increased the Bravelle dosage to 150IU from the original 75IU, the Menopur stays the same at 75IU for now. I have another follow-up tomorrow morning we will see what happens then.

Tomorrow will approximately one week until the transfer YYIIIPPEEE!!!!! (if everything stays on track that is).

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