Monday, December 8, 2008

Another battle wound

I had another follow-up appt. on Sat. and the oh so pleasant, nice, and wonderful (joking) IV lady filling in, really did her job. She was so rushed and rude I knew it wasn't going to be good. Every appt. starts out by doing blood work so when they called me back and I saw the usual girls weren't there I wanted to run. After getting what she needed I told her the bleeding hadn't stopped but she didn't care she just slapped some 1/2 sticky tape on me and walked away. So into the room I go with blood all over the place and of course on my white shirt. Thankfully when the Ultrasound Tech. came in she said "oh my gosh" and got me a new gauze and some real tape. I told her how pleasant the experience was ;). After all the that the rest of the appt. was great everything is still on track and the follies are doing good. I was to continue the same meds Sat. and Sun. night and another follow-up Mon.
Here's proof of the wonderful job she did!

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