Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's a date

I got the final phone call this afternoon and we are are set for the retrieval on Sat. YYYIIIPEEE!!!!! I was getting a little worried because they were talking about one more night of the injections which would have made the trigger tomorrow night and the retrieval Sun. instead. With my wonderful DH's schedule it would have messed us up and left him working on the transfer days. I was VERY relived she said it would be tonight.

So we are to trigger tonight, which will be the first IM (ouch) and no more meds not even the aspirin, amen!!! I'm waiting now on a call from the office where they will do the procedure at for an actual time but it will probably be morning, hopefully! Then our nurse said I'll get a call Sun. how the embies are doing and she'll call me Mon. with another update and when the transfer will be.

We are VERY excited and can't wait for Sat. :). I'll be sure to get some pics of the wonderful IM shot for tonight!!

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HazelEyes said...

Lisa, I am so darn happy for you.. WHOO HOOO, so excited too... Praying for everything to go as planned.. keep the blogs coming.. I love to read them.