Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The shots have begun

Last night marked the first official day of shots woohoo! Since we were directed to do the Lupron shots in the morning and I didn't have my meds in time they told me it was ok to take it last night instead. But first thing this morning I had to get on the morning schedule. I made DH do it last night while I watched closely and took over this morning. So far so good knock on wood no major side effects that I've noticed, but it is still early. The shot is super easy to do compared to some of the others and is a smaller needle shew!!! The only thing it's doing is leaving a red knotted up bump afterwards. Not painful just burns a little around the site and itches for a few hours until it starts to go down.

The goods have arrived

After going back and forth between the RE's office, the pharmacy, and the insurance compay they were finally able to ship out the meds. They put a rush on them and thankfully I recieved them just in time. It felt like Christmas morning and I was five again unwrapping that box. I couldn't wait to take everything out and play with it :). If you know me I can't stand needles who would have ever thought I'd want to see them. I couldn't wait to spread it out to really see what we were dealing with. Think this is enough to hold me over?

Plan of action

After meeting with our RE and Nurse for hours, signing consent papers, making decisions we hadn't originally thought of, and a mock transfer (which went great) we finally have a plan, with dates! This makes us happy to see it laid out it's finally becoming reality. This is what our schedule looks like:

11-9 - Start BCP's (a tablet a day) for 18 days
11-25 - Begin Lupron (20 units) and 1 children's asprin (81mg)
11-25/11-26/11-27 - Take BCP's and Lupron then Lupron alone
12-1 - Office visit for Lupron evaluation

Tentatively it looks like we will be doing the retrieval on 12-13 and either a 3-day transfer on the 16th or a 5-day (which we are hoping for) on the 18th.

*Subject to change once I get more directions*

The fun begins

After six attempts of IUI's it's time to move on. We are comfortable with our decision and are so hopeful for success. Thanks to our wonderful RE we are very optimistic we actually have a chance :).