Monday, December 29, 2008

Follow up

As much as I wanted answers I did not want to walk into that office . Our RE calls us back and we sit and of course he starts with the I'm sorry. Well that's great but I don't want to hear that. He then starts to go over the cycle and saying how everything looked great and my lining was a perfect carriage, wow that made me feel better! Then he tells us DH's little guys were perfect with the number and shape and all that so that left one!! I lost it I didn't expect it to be so hard to hear even though I thought I had prepared myself for it. He did say we did have some good ones they just weren't mature enough for fertilization, which that goes back to the meds. He wasn't telling us it wasn't possible but with only one try there really isn't nothing to compare it to. If we do another round and the same thing happens then we will have better answers. He couldn't give much explanation on the eggs for they are genetically determined which they don't analyze. But he did say there were some things that we could change with meds and in the lab. He wants to give it another try and this time no Lupron it made my estrogren drop to low in the beginning and left a space until the others could bring it back up. He is also going to increase the dose on the Bravelle and Menopur to get more mature eggs. My highest ones were only around 21mm and a lot of 17 - 18mm so our goal is to get them all to the mid 20's and more. So now we wait for AF to show, they want me back on CD3 to check for cysts before starting the pill, then we will do BCP for 21 days again, and then start with the stimulation for IVF#2. So we are looking at a Feb. time frame for retrieval now. Now it's making me wonder since they up'ed my retrieval by three days and cut out those extra meds if that would have made a difference or not. So many what if's and no answers :(.

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