Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Once again

Hearing the words "I'm sorry the test was negative" is something that gets harder and harder each time I'm told it. We got the news after the BETA it was a BFN :( it broke my heart. It doesn't make sense how it could not have happened we had not one but TWO grade A embies and neither one stuck? I just don't get it and I know the RE will not have the answers either.

So we are looking at the possibility of IVF #3. From what I read it usually takes couples three attempts to achieve a pregnancy. This will be the last attempt for us so we have a lot riding on it and put it all in God's hands that it will finally work.

As I always say everything happens for a reason and as hard as it is I'm trying to accept and deal so I can move on :). Sometimes I just wish we knew those reasons.

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