Thursday, February 19, 2009

Embie update

We found out on 2/4 that out of 11 eggs retrieved, eight matured, and we had six embies :). Much better than last time when we found out that out of 10 eggs 0 matured. We were way happy with this news and prayed hard they would continue to grow. The next days results were great there were two embies that were dividing as they should and they set my transfer for 2/6 (3 day transfer). The other embies were lagging a little and one had begun to disintegrate :(. We were on pins and needles thinking anything could happen before transfer and we wouldn't make it that far again. Thank God for answering our prayers everything was still on track.

Our RE called the night before retrieval and told us how pleased he was with the results this time and everything looked perfect. He also said he recommends transferring two since they were the best and we happily agreed. His assurance was just what we needed and meant so much that he called.

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