Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Third times a charm

Hopefully anyways. Tomorrow we go in at 10AM for our third and final retrieval. We are putting a lot into this cycle since this will be the last and pray to God we have finally have success. Things are going great better results this time in regards to the follie count and size. As of my last monitoring appt. yesterday there were approx. 14 follies that were mature and ready to go with several still behind it that they think (and hope) will catch up. My estrogren levels have been very high this cycle compared to last and were in the 2,000's at the appt. yesterday.

It's very hard to let yourself get excited when all you know is disappointment so we aren't overly excited for this cycle. We want this more than the world but it's a long way down when you get your hopes up so high so we are a little reserved this time.

Here is the latest picture of the meds for this cycle. Started BCP on 2/27 last pill was 3/10 and u/s blood work appt. 3/11. All clear to start 225 Bravelle and 150 Menopur injections for six days. Increased to 225 Bravelle and Menopur and added first shot of Ganirelix 3/20 for three days. Took last (booster) shots of 150 Bravelle and Menopur and Ganirelix as well as the Novarel trigger 3/23.

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