Thursday, March 26, 2009

One little, eight little, 16 little.....

Embies is what they retrieved yesterday :) :). We are very pleased with this number it's the highest out of the all the previous cycles. Glad to see all the meds and the plan work out like it was supposed to. The retrieval went great, the RE was wonderful, and the pain wasn't as bad this time thankfully. Still sore and slow but I can walk normally which is more than this point last time.

Our Nurse called first thing this morning with an update she said the embies looked beautiful, out of the 16 retrieved, 13 matured, and 11 fertilized, which is five more than last time :). I'll know more tomorrow how many are still growing (fingers crossed for them all) and when transfer should be. They are hoping they will be strong enough for a five day to give us better chances for implantation and we actually have some to freeze.

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