Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Second trimester

Can't believe how fast it has gone by. Everything continues to go great I feel great and loving feeling them move all around. Had some blood pressure issues but it's maintaining now so they aren't to concerned. We did find out baby B (Ashlynn) has only a 2 vessel cord where they should have a 3 vessel. From what we are told it's very common and more so in twins and rarely has any issues. They are just going to watch her closer to make sure she is still growing as she should. We did have to do a echocardiogram on their hearts to make sure there were no issues (since the 2 vessel could sometimes cause issues). All was perfect they see no issues at all nor any future appts woohoo. We still haven't been able to get really good pics yet they are both all over the place and moving to much or facing head down and hiding.

Latest pics:
Conner with his hand on his face

Ashlynn laying sideways

And Ashlynn with her hand behind her head and Conner's foot in her face. Causing trouble already!

Latest belly shot at 27 weeks

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