Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Results are in

After three years of TTC and one hell of a roller coaster ride I am very happy to say that part is now over!!! Yesterday's BETA was POSITIVE :) :) it was so amazing it was FINALLY a BFP!!! Now we get to start a new chapter in our lives and we beyond excited God has given us our miracle.

The BETA was 832 and by this point they like to see it at least to 100 so it's a nice strong number. Repeat BETA is tomorrow to check to make sure the number doubles. Fingers and everything crossed it's doubled or tripled it will make us feel a lot better. Hopefully I'll find out soon when the first u/s will be and how often I'll have to have the numbers repeated. If my calculations are correct my EDD is 16 December. Just in time for a Christmas baby and an early bday gift for DH!

After finding out the news I knew I had to get home right away to DH. I rushed to Target to get a Father-to-be card and HPT's. After waiting so long even though I knew the results I had to see that magical word! Thankfully he was golfing so I was able to test and get his card ready for when he got home. As soon as he walked in he saw it right away and knew what it was (I do cards for everything he was expecting it). I always pictured how I'd tell him and his reaction but it was so much more than I could have ever imagined. All we could was hug and cry and thank God.

Everyone's support has been amazing we could have never made it this far without it, for that we thank you :). Now onto the BEST picture I have EVER seen (note the Skins blanket HAHA).

*UPDATE: Repeat BETA was 1,981 so it more than doubled YAY!! They are happy with the numbers and don't feel there will be a need for more. I still have to stay on the meds for probably until 10 weeks. With the high numbers there is a possibility of twins especially since we did put two back and we are perfect with that idea :). We can't wait to find out.


HazelEyes said...

that is such a wonderful site.. I am so stinkin happy for you.. CONGRATULATIONS to you and your DH.. it is time to Celebrate!!!

HazelEyes said...

I meant to say Sight.. sorry I am so excited I can't even spell right.. LOL
You are in my thoughts and prayers for a very happy and healthy 9mos.