Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Almost time

I finally took my last BCP on the 18th and had a follow-up on the 19th to make sure everything was clear. After unexpected traffic on a holiday and a Nurse tiff I finally go back for the ultrasound. The Tech. said everything looked great and was quiet just how they wanted. I met with another Nurse to get my med. schedule and go over the dosage. Looks like nothing but baby aspirin and a pre-natal until the 23rd then the Bravelle and Menopur will start. I have another follow-up on the 25th and we wait for the follies to reach at least 14mm before starting the Ganirilex.

Now I'm waiting on the goods to come (meds) so I can sort everything and get it straight in my head again. Bring on the shots!!!

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