Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Plan of action

After meeting with our RE and Nurse for hours, signing consent papers, making decisions we hadn't originally thought of, and a mock transfer (which went great) we finally have a plan, with dates! This makes us happy to see it laid out it's finally becoming reality. This is what our schedule looks like:

11-9 - Start BCP's (a tablet a day) for 18 days
11-25 - Begin Lupron (20 units) and 1 children's asprin (81mg)
11-25/11-26/11-27 - Take BCP's and Lupron then Lupron alone
12-1 - Office visit for Lupron evaluation

Tentatively it looks like we will be doing the retrieval on 12-13 and either a 3-day transfer on the 16th or a 5-day (which we are hoping for) on the 18th.

*Subject to change once I get more directions*


DsquaredMom said...

Lisa, I wish you all the best of luck with your new plan of attack! I hope that 2009 brings you a brand-new baby to hold. ((((HUGS))))

Nurse Betty L. Boop said...

That's wonderful! I'm so glad to see your plan, and can't wait to follow your pregnancy :^)